This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.

Psalm 119:50

Along the path of life, we all encounter troubles and trials. Many years ago, as I encountered trouble in my barn, an elderly cattle dealer advised me to be thankful when all of my problems occurred in the barn. But troubles do enter our homes as well. Financial struggles, marital strain, health concerns, rebellious teenagers and a host of other difficulties often seem to take up residence in our hearts and homes.

Ruth Graham is the daughter of the famous evangelist Billy Graham. She has written a book entitled, “In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart”. And she has most certainly known her own share of suffering. She has experienced divorce twice. One daughter developed an eating disorder. Her son entered a drug abuse rehabilitation program. Another daughter gave birth to two babies out of wedlock while still in her mid-teens. Being a member of the Graham household did nothing to lessen her struggles. In fact, her realization that she was tarnishing the Graham family name only added to her misery. After discovering in a greater way, the unconditional love of God for repentant sinners, she now seeks to help those who are struggling through the heartaches that this world can cause.

Are you facing discouragement this morning? Are there unusual circumstances in your life that have you feeling terrified or full of anxiety? Do you see no hope on the horizon? The Psalmist wishes to lift your gaze off of the problems you are facing and on to the God whose promises bring life. All of the Old Testament promises find their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ! And the Lord Jesus Christ faced the greatest suffering so that you and I may experience the greatest joy, even in the midst of our trials.

Joni Eareckson Tada, who is very familiar with suffering, was recently re-diagnosed with cancer. Her response: “Jesus is ecstasy beyond compare and if new hardships draw us closer to Him, I’m more than content with it.” May God enable us to trust Him and cling to His promises in the midst of every trial, and may He use even the trials in our lives to draw us closer to Him!