You ask me when should the first Christmas light shine? Is it when cold approaches, and daylight begins its decline?
Is it when the seasons have begun to turn, And Halloween has finally been adjourned?
Or when all the leaves have fallen from the trees, And the first snow flakes are wafting in the breeze?
And while, we’re on the subject, my friend,
On what day exactly should that Christmas light end?
When all the decorations are put back in the storage space, And life, after holidays, returns to its normal pace,
Is there, then, no room for a Christmas light, to shine the way through the darkest night?
For we all encounter darkness in this life, The world is full of sin and sorrow and strife.
I would submit, for Christmas lights to start,
You must have a Christmas light shining in your heart.
No specific date can dictate when our trees we must trim Rather, it’s when the miracle of joy fills your being to the brim!
For a miracle was announced by the brightest star one night! The birth of that special, long-awaited one true Light:
The Light that brightens all pathways that lie ahead, The One who, one day, will all the darkness shed!
In the darkness of Calvary, however, all once appeared lost! When the Light of the World endured sin’s horrible cost!
Ah, but Light conquers darkness, this we all know! And at Easter, the Light burst forth in heavenly glow!
And now we are called to shine as stars around the globe As the Light of the gospel into dark hearts does probe!
And the Light of His Presence will guide the way Until we behold His radiant beauty one glorious day!
You ask me when should the first Christmas light shine? It must go on shining ‘til the end of time!