If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” Luke 16: 10 (NLT)

Little Round Top and Big Round Top are two hills in the vicinity of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which were crucial in the American Civil War Battles. Union forces were encamped on both hills, and though the Confederate forces tried valiantly to overtake these hills, Union forces were determined to maintain possession of those hills at all cost. They were willing to die on those hills, if necessary, and many did indeed pay with their lives. In light of hills being such strategic ground in battles, the question “Is this the hill you are willing to die on?” became a metaphor for something so important that you are willing to take a principled stand against all opposition, even to death, if necessary.

We live in strange times. Many cities in America are filled with riots, looting and destruction. There are calls for the defunding of police, and city councils even agreeing to such preposterous ideas. The media coverage of the American Election campaign only adds fuel to the division that already exists south of the border. And Covid-19 and the response to it has only served to create one more issue for sharp division, even among believers. Some refuse to attend church unless masks are mandated, and others refuse to attend church if masks are mandated. Grace Community Church in California, of which John MacArthur is the pastor, has decided to hold worship services in spite of receiving a “cease and desist” order from the city of Los Angeles, in which they are threatened with fines and arrest.

Not every issue is a gospel issue, and not every issue has crystal clear answers in Scripture. But one thing is certain – hatred for the Church of Jesus Christ is escalating, and the forces of darkness are becoming more brazen against the Word of God and the People of God. And Jesus reminds us that we will never be faithful in large matters, if we are not first of all faithful in small matters. We will never “die on the hill” if we compromise each step of the way toward that hill. Although this may seem to some like overstating our current circumstances, it would seem to me that this time is unlike anything we have faced before. Please be much in prayer for your Pastor and your elders who are seeking to navigate this church through such a time as this, for your good, and for the glory of God!