Iron Men Ministry

“Sharpening One Another To The Glory Of God”


Men’s ministries are an extremely important part of the work here at Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church.

We understand that God has called men to lead His Church, and to set the examples in our families of what it means to be a godly man, and to follow our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As men we seek to fulfill the calling in Proverbs and to sharpen each other through the following ways:

Iron File 1:

Doctrinal Purity: We are committed to preserving, defending, and proclaiming the historic fundamental teachings of the Christian faith as set forth in the Word of God, and a biblical worldview as derived from its teachings.

Iron File 2:

God-Centered Worship: We are committed to passionately declaring to the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in personal devotion and in corporate assembly, His infinite value, worth, and glory through prayer and praising His Name, and proclaiming His Word, and delighting in His works.

Iron File 3:

Holy Living: We are committed to pursuing and promoting godly character that begins with the renewing of the mind and of the motives, and a Christ-centred moral and ethical conduct that results in personal integrity.

Iron File 4:

Relevant Teaching: We are committed to accuracy and appropriate creativity in teaching one another the truths of God’s Word, enabling ourselves to understand and apply His Word to our lives in fervent obedience.

Iron File 5:

Fervent Prayer: We are committed to both the practice and promotion of seeking the Face of God, and delighting to dwell in His Presence.

Iron File 6:

Evangelistic Zeal: We are compelled by the love of Christ, and therefore committed to the passionate proclamation of the gospel to all people, because all men, apart from Jesus Christ, are lost, and face the horrors of eternal judgment.

Iron File 7:

Biblical Conciliation: We are committed to biblical unity, and to resolving any episodes of disharmony between us, in a Christ-honouring fashion.

Iron File 8:

Compassionate Concern: We are committed to recognizing and responding to the physical, material, and emotional needs of both believers and unbelievers in such a way as to bring them the touch of God’s love and compassion, as well as the light of His redemption.

Iron File 9:

Continual Improvement: We recognize the Lordship of Christ in the totality of life, and are therefore committed to the regular re-assessment of our methodologies, activities, and vision, regarding their effectiveness for the glory of God.